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When raising money for your high school or high school group, there are a few different approaches to fundraising.

The Direct Sales Fundraiser

Direct sales means you have a product in your hand to sell. The advantage to this type of fundraiser is that people can see the product, and buy it immediately, meaning you will get more impulse buys. By the time you reach high school, every student will have sold plenty of candy bars, so go with something different like a beef jerky fundraiser.

The Order Taking Brochure Fundraiser

You can take orders for many different types of products using sales brochures. The advantage to a brochure fundraiser is that you don't have to calculate how much to order in advance, and you can also offer a nice variety of items. When choosing a brochure fundraiser, go with a product that people already love and buy on a regular basis, like a selection of coffees and teas, or a great dessert selection that allows people to enjoy their favorite cakes and cookies without having to spend the whole day baking in the kitchen.

The Event Fundraiser

Events bring people together no matter what kind of group you are raising money for, but are especially fun for high school fundraisers. The most popular high school fundraising event is, without question, the school dance. Make the most of this opportunity by selling direct sales products such as beef jerky, lollipops, candy bars, and other concession items. Try to get photo paper donated by a local office supply store, and have an aspiring student photographer take digital photos that students can pay for on the spot. Print and deliver the photos at school the following week.

Go with a few different programs throughout the year for the best high school fundraising results.
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